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C litter – July 2008.

1 male
Name: Yeke Yeke Chuma (hero, strong person)
Born: 09. July 2008.
Matakima Ajani x INT CH Shababu Ombeka
(1 female & 3 males died because of birth complications)

09. July 2008. wednesday C – litter

Wednesday was definitely the hardest day of our lives with dogs.
As of Monday, Ella had all symptoms of normal delivery, she was unsettled, slept for a while, breathed hard, discharged some transparent fluid from vagina. As of Tuesday, she had some rare and weak contractions. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday she had few weak contractions, nothing much. During Wednesday morning she was very calm, she slept and there were no heavier contractions. Vet and we started to worry. We went to the clinic; vet checked her and said that he must make cesarean section immediately. He was very surprised when he saw that she had torsion of uterus. Her uterus turned and amniotic cords were also turned. Only one male puppy was alive, and unfortunately for 4 of them was too late. They couldn’t save them, reanimation didn’t succeed. All 4 of them (3 boys and 1 girl) were normally developed. All ridges were OK, tails were OK and they had just a little white marks.

On picture: Ella after operation, puppy had his first milk.

This one male that survived was 590 g on the birth. He had his first milk while Ella was still under narcosis and on infusion. When she woke up, she immediately accepted him and started to clean him. She is really great mum.

Ella is OK now, she has big cut through her stomach. She has enough milk and little one really likes to eat. He is great and we can already see that he is very suborned!
We will never forget our 4 little angels; we are so sorry they left us so early.

Bura & Ella with puppy at home on 09.07.2008.

We are still very sad and shocked, thinking all those “what if …” and “why didn’t we …” questions. But we must go on and be happy that Ella is OK and that we have this little one in whelping box.

So, as of Wednesday, 09.07.2008. our family is bigger for one little male puppy. And here they are – Ella and her son:

Ella & puppy

May 2008.
PUPPY NEWS – We are expecting puppies in the beginning of July 2008 !

Ajani & Ella

In the beginning of May we traveled to North Germany to meet Matakima Ajani and his owners Karolina and Dominika Witkowski. Mating between Ella(Int Ch Shababu Ombeka) and Ajani took place on May 6th and 7th.
Ajani is an elegant, expression full young male with excellent body proportions and calm and friendly behavior. He is coming from German kennel Matakima. In Ajani’s pedigree one can find ancestors from well known South African lines like Lionhunt and Glenaholm, famous Multi Ch and World Winner Rex Ventors Akeron and famous “working ridgebacks” from the Danish Kuzonga kennel. With background like this it’s not strange that Ajani is successful as show, obedience, coursing, agility and tracking young male.
So, we keep our fingers crossed and hope to have a bunch of happy and healthy little Ridgeback puppies in the beggining of July 2008.

pedigree of C litter

pedigree of C litter









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