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News archive 2005.

summer/autumn 2005. AGILITY COURSE on KOSSP

Annakiya and Azikiwe successfully finished agility course. A lot of pictures and our agility company you can find here AGILITY COURSE(photos).
Annakiya and Azikiwe were “X – Rayed”. They are both HDA.

 04.06.2005. EURO DOG SHOW TULLN (Austria)

We participated on Euro Dog Show in Tulln, Austria. Ella get excellent in Champion class. Her 9,5 months old son Yeke Yeke Azikiwe – “Ziko”, competed in Youth class (9-18 months) and get very good (out of 17 young males only 5 of them get excellent). It was great to see almost 150 Ridgebacks on one place.

16.04.2005. CACIB VRTOJBA (Slovenia)

Ella competed in champion class. On this show Ella get excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB. With this Ella gained title:

26.03.2005. CACIB Monte Carlo
28.03.2005. CACIB + RR SPECIAL Fréjus (France)

For this year Easter we took a short holiday and went to the trip to France to see Ella’s and Kiya’s family and our dear friends. While there, we went to the shows near by – in Monte Carlo and in Fréjus.

CACIB Monte Carlo on march 2005.

CACIB Monte Carlo on march 2005.

CACIB Monte Carlo - judging in RR champion class
At the International Dog Show in Monte Carlo (Saturday, 26.03.2005), Ella received excellent mark and was placed as third in champion class. As there was no puppy class, Yeke Yeke Annakiya (Kiya) was just having fun and gaining some experience on the show atmosphere.

Yeke Yeke Antar (27.03.2005.)

On Sunday we went to visit Ella’s son, Yeke Yeke Antar. It was a great pleasure to se him so big, handsome and happy with his family.

On Monday (28.03.2005.) International Dog Show was held in Fréjus. Within this show special show for Rhodesian Ridgebacks was organized under the judging of Mrs. B. Marcellot-Carbo, president of French Ridgeback Club, who judged very thoroughly and with a lot of patience.  We were thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness when Ella won CACIB and BOS title. 7 months old Kiya opened her showing carrier on this show. She was judged as “very promising” in puppy class (6-9 months).  CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GIRLS!!

CACIB + RR SPECIAL Fréjus (France) 28.03.2005. judging for BOS

Yeke Yeke Abeke (29.03.2005. Italy)

On Tuesday, on our way back home we made a stop in Italy to visit Yeke Yeke Abeke and her dear friend Eva. Abeke is turning into fine, nice and happy RR lady.

 20.03.2005. CACIB ZAGREB (Croatia)
Yeke Yeke Azikiwe – “Ziko” was for the first time on the show (in puppy class 6-9 months). He was judged as “very promising puppy”. BRAVO Ziko!!!


15.01.2005. Ella competed in champion class. On this show Ella get excellent, CAC and R.CACIB. With this Ella gained title:
16.01.2005. On this show Ella get excellent and R.CAC in champion class.

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